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理事長 大野 利美知 Commodore Heiemon Kimura


About1The Seabornia Yacht Club (SYC) is one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in Japan established in 1968. It is located in Koajiro Bay, Miura city, Kanagawa prefecture, which is the birthplace of sailboats in our country.


Koajiro Bay has been the harbor for sailing boats since the 17th century.
Near the Bay, there are a shrine where old mariners said a prayer to God for a safe voyage and shipping agents which helped boats and sailors waiting for winds.

Also, Aburatsubo Bay is close to Koajiro. It is the place where the Miura family died. (The Miura family is the famous samurai family in the 13th century.)
Now, it has become the Bay for many fishing boats and the pleasure boats.
It takes only 90 minutes from Tokyo to SYC by car. SYC is surrounded by beautiful scenery.
There are pools, four buildings of resort condominiums, a repair yard for boats, a gantry crane, a clubhouse with shower facilities and a restaurant commanding a fine view of the sea. These facilities are widely used by members, their families and guests all year around.

Our founder named this club Seabornia, which means “the sea-born goddess”.

Various kinds of Committees are organized by SYC, and many activities are hosted through the year.


The Dinghy Committee organizes 2 Match Races a year.
The Cruiser Committee is the host to the Club Championship Race a month, and some Family Races a year. SYC hosts the Sagami Bay Open Yacht Race each July. It also hosts or co-hosts local and national Championships.
The Powerboat Committee holds Cruises and Trolling Tournaments several times a year.
Annual events of SYC are the Summer Festival, the Christmas Party and the BBQ Party. They are the pleasant events for members, families and crews.