クルーザー部会長 外山 昌一  
Cruiser Committee
Director Shoichi Toyama

The Cruiser Committee has about 120 members.
The members have various types of cruisers such as classic mahogany boats, and grand prix racers.
There are many types of members in our section.
One member is traveling around the world in his own cruiser.
Some participate in international yacht races abroad. Others cruise every weekend. Another member opens a bar in his boat in the Bay.
Some love to go cruising in the open sea.
The Club Championship Race Series and Cruises are held several times a year. Each year, on the Marine Day, the Sagami Bay Open Yacht Race is held. It is one of the biggest regattas in the Kanto area. (The Kanto area consists of 6 prefectures including Tokyo Prefecture.)
The Cruiser Committee holds the Summer Fireworks Festival, the BBQ Party too. We welcome everyone to join us.